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Patties gives Aussies a ‘Reason to Party’ after nearly a decade.

Known for its memorable P-P-Patties commercial with Bob Hawke in the 1980s, Patties’ new campaign “Reason to Party” will be integrated across OOH, television, social media, and radio with comedian David Lawson voicing the audio campaign.The campaign embraces everyday moments as a time to indulge in an iconic Patties party pie and follows a

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Simmons taking Four’N Twenty to America

Philadelphia 76er and NBA AllStar, Ben Simmons, has returned to his roots announcing he is the new ambassador for the Four’N Twenty brand pies, manufactured by Patties Foods in Bairnsdale. The Melbourne-born basketballer will represent and share his lifelong passion for the iconic Australian pie brand in Australia and the USA.The partnership includes an image

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USA ranks Four’n Twenty Traveller beef & cheese pastry as “must-try” sandwich

Australia’s Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef & Cheese Pastry has made it in the top 10 of an American must-try sandwiches list for 2020, sitting alongside established US brands such as 7Eleven and McDonald’s. The 30 Must-Try Sandwiches for 2020 list, published by US-based CSP Daily News, ranked the Australian pastry in eighth place, and is

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Patties Foods and the future state.

Patties Foods is generating sales growth well above the broader market for its Four’N’Twenty pies brand and aims to accelerate it with a step-up in celebrity partnerships after signing Australian Football League Women’s star Tayla Harris as an “ambassador” for the next two years.Four’N’Twenty already uses Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers National Basketball Association

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Advantage Top Ranked Supplier award

Patties Foods team was presented with the Advantage Top Ranked Supplier award for the Frozen category. A massive shout out, and thank you to all of the Patties Team...this is your award, and recognition for your customer centric approach, not only in the past 12 months, but a culmination of the focus you have had

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Sustainable Palm Oil

Patties Foods has RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification, and only uses sustainable palm oil across its business. Sustainable palm oil production is comprised of legal, economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management and operations, which help minimise the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions.

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National Packaging Covenant

Patties Foods became a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant in 2001. This is a National initiative which aims to change how businesses think about design, sustainable packaging, recycling rates and packaging litter. As part of our commitment to helping protect the environment, we’ve undertaken a five-year action plan which includes: 1. Optimising our packaging

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Creating a more sustainable future

At Patties Foods, our commitment to quality means always doing our best – whether we’re selecting the juiciest fruits, baking the perfect pies or applying sustainable business practices. That’s why, wherever we can, we choose to use methods that help reduce the pressure on the earth’s resources. Patties Foods has developed our Supplier Assurance Program,

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100% Cage Free Egg Commitment

Patties Foods are committing to use only eggs from hens that live in cage-free environments. The transition will be complete by 1 January 2019 – this means every single egg we use in a Patties Foods branded product will be will 100 per cent cage-free and from hens that can walk freely in a barn

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