The Life-blood of Patties

It’s no secret the most effective way to connect consumers with your brand is through a clear personality that resonates with them.To help us develop a tone of voice that commands cut-through, we use Archetypes.We can quickly test various ways our brand can sound, whilst also ensuring it doesn’t sound like our competition.

Patties Innovation Ecosystem of P.I.E. is born. A multi-faceted platform that looked to looks to encourage those who might otherwise be intimidated to get involved thanks to its effortless simplicity and to encourage more spontaneous input to generate more ideas and processes and quicker more fluid innovation.

The typical FMCG business innovation model tends to struggle with disjointed company silos while being top heavy, with game-changing ideas dependent on a few key stakeholders who do not have the time and resource to make a great impact.  

In reaction to this reality, Patties Foods branded the Crowdicity platform that anchors itself in the democratisation of of innovation in order to Create irresistible comfort foods in line with Patties Foods' vision. 

What is Innovation for FMCG - Anand Surujpal - GM Marketing & Innovation


P.I.E. provides an organisational framework founded on key pillars for driving category innovation: 

  1. Consumer & Shopper Insights 
  2. Technology 
  3. Discipline & Process 
  4. Business Culture & Senior Leadership Support

How do you bring Innovation to the table - Matt Graham, GM In-Home