Nanna's doing something different in fruit

Nanna's Avocado Pieces

Nanna’s been busy making all sorts of new treats with her new frozen avocado pieces. Quick and easy guacamole, smashed avocado on toast for breakfast and even to add a creamy texture to dairy-free smoothies and desserts.

Nanna's uses deliciously ripe and creamy Hass Avocados, peeled and diced into chunky pieces before being snap frozen, packed and delivered to your supermarket freezer. Each pack contains around 5 avocados, with no pip, no peel, just premium quality diced avocado flesh. And because they’re stored in your freezer, there’s no waste either.

Available all year round Nanna's Avocado pieces are ready to use, straight from your freezer. Simply remove the required amount, defrost on a plate for 30 - 60 mins ( depending on amount) and  Bob's you're uncle!

Nanna's even included some handy serving suggestions on the back of pack like this quick and super easy Smashed Avo & Fetta on toast perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast or brunch.


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